Civil Law Attorney in Constanta:

 - claims, ownership actions, maintenances, contractual obligations to provide services, inheritances and partitions, severances from joint tenancy, evictions, delimitations of property boundaries, cadastre, real estate registration, mortgage de-registrations, sale agreements, donations, barters, rentals, bailment, liens, loans etc., claims against insurance/re-insurance companies.
 - within the procedure of forced execution: rendering enforceable, juridical assistance and representation within forced execution procedures before the legal executors and the judging instance, appeals and challenges of enforcement.

Criminal Law Attorney in Constanta:

- expert assistance before the police or prosecution bodies as well as before judicial instances at any jurisdictional level (first instance, appeal and second appeal), drawing up notification rulings and criminal complaints.

Family Law Attorney in Constanta:

- divorce, marriage dissolution, partition of jointly owned property of espouses, adoption, custody of minors, paternity negation/confirmation, child support establishment/modification.

Commercial Law Attorney in Constanta:

- establishing companies, legal consultancy in obtaining operation approvals, drafting and drawing up Decision of Shareholders’ General Assembly, articles and memorandum of association, modifying addenda, stock and share cessions/sales, increases/decreases of registered capital, establishing lucrative facilities and branch offices, other deeds related to registration of commercial companies; recover of receivables, demands for payment, conciliations, assistance in negotiations on the purpose of concluding commercial agreements; drafting, drawing up and attestation of commercial agreements, commercial transactions, arbitrage, mediation and conciliation, litigations pertaining agreement breaches, representation before courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration.

Labor Law Attorney in Constanta:

- consultancy in labor relationship, labor conflicts: compelling the employer to return moneys withheld from salary, to repair the damage caused to the employee, to recover the damage caused to the employer, return of unduly paid amounts; appeals against the decision to dismiss the employee, appeals against the decision to apply disciplinary sanctions, litigations related to employee’s personal liability actions by the employers for breaching of labor agreement and of confidentiality clause.